Router Login, Guide for Admin & Password

By | August 19, 2017 Router Login: Among all the default gateways, IP Address is the most commonly used IP Address for nearly 75% of the wireless routers and ASDL modems. What is IP Address? – IP (Internet Protocol) address is the default address to identify a computer among all the others on the Network. Let’s discuss accessing 168.192.11 and how to change the password, etc. Router Login Guide:

The login of cannot be accessed if you are typing this address manually in your browser page. Instead, you will get an error message with a delay of 30 seconds indicating that “This site cannot be loaded”. Then how is it possible to access

Accessing ip:

This IP Address cannot be accessed by anyone, as this is a mistyped IP. The original IP is If this IP Address once entered manually in the browser page, you will be directed to the login page of So once the page is displayed, enter your login as admin and also your password.

What is Router Login:

The router is something which connects your node with the network. This router comes with optical fiber wires (or some other standard wires) thus providing high-speed network connections. Thus with a router is available an IP address which is used to connect with the network. Nowadays routers come up with a default IP address which is In order to login into your router, this IP address is used as the login name.

After the installation procedures of the router, open the router application (i.e) Router Login Page. Enter the Username and Password thereby connecting your node to the network. There is a possibility to mistype 1 by I which is the most common error the users will do always.

Forget your Router’s Username and Password:

  • If the Username or Password of the router is not changed at least once, with the help of the router packed box, try to find out your router’s serial number first and then its login address next.
  • If you have already changed your router’s Username as well as password, and now you have forgotten it, it’s simple just reset your router or your modem to the default factory settings.
  • There will be always a hidden button in your wireless router or modem, just hold the button for nearly 10 seconds, automatically the router’s Username and Password will be changed to the factory settings.

If you want to change the IP address, go to the router’s configuration page and then,

  • Go to the LAN host settings (depending upon the router, the words will get changed (i.e) LAN host settings).
  • Go to the address reservation section in that LAN host settings.
  • Once you find out, you can easily assign the permanent IP address.


If internet connection of ip is to be used in workplaces or home, router or modem is the must to be get connected with. With the Username and password of the router (i.e) Router Login, a node can be connected to the network. It has default factory settings which can be then replaced according to user’s wish for security purposes.

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