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By | May 20, 2017 IP Address Router Login: Before we get to into the detailed discussion about a router access, let us first get acquainted with the function of a router As we all know, it provides with an internet access, but how? It forwards data packets along two network points and is located at gateways. These data packets are forwarded from router to router through the internetwork till the destination is not reached. When a data packet is sent in one line, the router functionally reads the address information set in the packet and accordingly distributes the information to the destination. An overlay network is thus formed as the data packets get transferred from one network to another according to the routing policy. IP Address is a private IP Address, hence ranging across a small distance reserved by IANA for domestic use.

Configuring a Router IP Address Router Admin and Login:

  • The router is connected by a fiber cable to the data source of the internet work. The internet is accessible the user automatically from the router without any activity. Only one user can access the router internet.
  • The static IP Address( IP Address) needs to be configured manually to access the internet. Only the admin can set the range and the user limit for the required speed.
  • After turning off the modem, the router and the computer connect the modem cable to the WAN Port of the router via an Ethernet cable. Now, connect the computer to the LAN port of the router and watch whether the LEDs of the LAN and WAN ports are up. Accordingly, power is the modern, the router and lastly the computer. IP Address Router Login IP Address Router Login

Step 1:

The web interface of the router needs to be logged into for the management.

Step 2:

Now, the WAN connection type needs to be configured. After logging into the router, click Network and then WAN on the menu. Provide the IP Address supplied by the ISP and the click on save. Your router has been successfully configured.

How to login as Admin ( IP Address): is a private IP Address and this IP Address can only be accessed by IPv4 users and not by IPv6 users. This IP address is the default IP Address for a large number of routers connected and wireless modems. This IP Address is more or less used by modern and private routers used for domestic use. So basically when you login to the web page of the router when you type the IP Address, a message notification would pop up to confirm the user and the password. Input the name of the user as “Administrator” and enter the password. Then click on okay. then u can easily access the IP Address

When you forget password:

When a new router is purchased, a default Username and Password is provided to configure the router to start the activity efficiently. Now, if you forget the password, what to do? Simply factory defaults the router settings and configure it again. Always remember that the moment you default the factory settings all your previous data gets deleted.

Step 1: Turn of the router.

Step 2: Use a pointed pin or a needle to reset the router. Press the button and hold for 5 seconds. Next, turn on the router without releasing the reset button keeping it held for more 5-10 seconds after the router has been turned on.

Step 3: Now wait for the device to reboot after you have let go of the reset button.

Step 4: Next, connect the router to the computer via an Ethernet cable through the LAN port or by using a Wi-Fi connection.

Important points to remember For IP Address Router Login:

  • Power on the router until it restarts completely.
  • Enter your default username as “administrator”.
  • Make sure the IP Address of the computer and the router are under the same subnet of and the default setting of the gateway should be same with the router’s IP Address.


Follow these instructions to configure your router and access IP Address Internet network without any hindrance. if you still have any doubts regarding IP Address Router Login do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts.

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