192.168.I0.1 Admin Login & Password Changing Guide

By | June 8, 2017

192.168.I0.1 Admin Login: One can easily identify the different types and brands of Wi-Fi routers available in the market. Some of them are suitable for domestic uses and some for the commercial purpose. However, the configuration is necessary irrespective of the type or use of the Wi-Fi routers. How a router can be configured, depends solely on your router (But not, what type is it). Before commencing the configuration process, you must know the IP address or the internet protocol address (which, here, is 192.168.I0.1). You can access the configuration window of your Router if and only if you know the IP address of it. You may call your internet service provider for the IP address. know how to login into 192.168.I0.1 from here

The Configuration Window of 192.168.I0.1 Admin Login:

Configuration Window of 192.168.I0.1  is easy Now, you have the IP address. Type it in the address bar and there you go, you have the configuration window in front of you. Now you are all set to configure your Wi-Fi router, but before that, you must be sure about few things like- whether it is a domestically used router or is it used for commercial purposes? If your router is domestically used then Voila, You can configure it pretty quickly. If it is used commercially, then it would be a little tricky to configure as many devices would be connected to the same network. You need to know- what is a dynamic connection and what is a static connection? Once you know a thing or two about these, you are all set to proceed as mentioned below. Caution! Do not try to hurry with the steps or to jump any of those, else you will end up with something ferocious.

Steps to change the password of 192.168.I0.1 Admin Login:

  • Enter the correct IP address in the address bar. If you end up entering the wrong IP address then Alas! You cannot have access to your router’s configuration window. So, make sure the IP address you are about to enter is all correct.
  • So now, as you have entered the correct IP address, hit “Enter.” Thumbs up! You are on the page that contains each and every info and settings of your router. However, for that, you need to enter the login Id and password. If it is your first time or you have not changed it since you bought your router, then usually the login Id and password are set as ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ respectively. Else, if you have changed them earlier, enter the last password and login Id you got.
  • If you logged in successfully, you could see a “DHCP” option on the screen. So, finally, you have the key that leads you to change your password, change the name of your router and many other settings. This DHCP thing is the whole wizard.
  • Now, if you have, on your screen, the option to set a new password you need to be careful. You need to set a strong password. Some passwords contain only alphabets, some are alphanumeric, and some allow special characters too. Choose a strong password for your Wi-Fi router and you are done. Your router is configured and is safe against hacking (at least, to some extent!).


Read the above-written steps carefully and perform them in order, else you may run into some trouble. Please, do not try to hurry through the steps. Make sure each step is performed correctly then only move on to the next. Moreover, after all, choose a strong password for your router.

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