Category Archives: Router Ip Router Login, Guide for Admin & Password Router Login: Among all the default gateways, IP Address is the most commonly used IP Address for nearly 75% of the wireless routers and ASDL modems. What is IP Address? – IP (Internet Protocol) address is the default address to identify a computer among all the others on the Network. Let’s discuss accessing… Read More »

192.168.l.1 IP Login Admin Password Guide

192.168.l.1 IP Login: 192.168.l.1 is a very important IP while networking through any standard router or standard ADSL modem. The 192 series IP’s form the backbone of the network through most routers. The 192 series is assigned to most routers which are then assigned to each user. The 192 series IPs lie from to… Read More »

192.168.I0.1 Admin Login & Password Changing Guide

192.168.I0.1 Admin Login: One can easily identify the different types and brands of Wi-Fi routers available in the market. Some of them are suitable for domestic uses and some for the commercial purpose. However, the configuration is necessary irrespective of the type or use of the Wi-Fi routers. How a router can be configured, depends solely… Read More »

Improving WiFI Connection Performance TIPS

Introduction A good WiFi connection is very important in the modern day. Everyone has some or the other work online that requires a good internet connection. There are ways to improve your existing internet connection.There are few configurations that can be done to WiFi router that will help improve connection. Transmit Power Transmit power is… Read More »

How to setup a Virtual Server on your WiFi Router (NAT)

What is a virtual server? A Virtual Server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other systems. A virtual server acts as a link between devices connected on a local area network and the devices on a wide area network that is the internet. It is very as it allows devices to… Read More »